What is Headspin?
headspinHeadspin is a global testing and user experience monitoring platform that allows companies to remotely test and monitor their mobile applications on more than 22,000 real devices in 140+ locations all without adding any code.
We seamlessly integrate into automated testing and product development processes,enabling companies to continuously test and identify performance issues pre- or postrelease. Headspin helps reduce performance issues and bugs, resulting in better user engagement & experience.

The Challenge
The transition to mobile has shortened software development life cycles in enterprises significantly in the past two years. As mobile applications have become more complex, testing processes have become even more critical to development life cycles. App quality and performance goals are now a joint responsibility for various teams.

The Solution
Through our plug-and-play platform, Headspin empowers your engineering, QA, growth, localization, and product organizations to test in real world conditions with real world devices pre-and post-release - all without adding any code.
Our products allows you to detect and monitor performance irregularities on the app, device and networks in real-time, allowing your teams to preemptively and proactively reduce performance issues and bugs.