Intel® Parallel Studio XE

Intel® Parallel Studio XE is a comprehensive suite of development tools that make it fast and easy to build modern code that gets every last ounce of performance out of the newest Intel® processors. This tool-packed suite simplifies creating code with the latest techniques in vectorization, multi-threading, multi-node, and memory optimization. Get powerful, consistent programming with Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (Intel® AVX-512) instructions for Intel® Xeon® and Xeon Phi processors, plus support for the latest standards and integrated development environments (IDEs). New features include the combined performance snapshot feature of Intel® VTune Amplifier that shows MPI, CPU, and FPU memory use; the roofline analysis feature of Intel® Advisor to find high-impact but under-optimized loops; high-performance Python* to accelerate HPC—and more.

What it Does

  • Creates faster code. Boost application performance that scales on current and future Intel® platforms with industry-leading compilers, numerical libraries, performance profilers, and code analyzers.
  • Builds code faster. Simplify the process of creating fast, scalable, and reliable parallel code.
  • Delivers priority support. Connect directly to Intel’s engineers for confidential answers to technical questions, access older versions of the products, and receive free updates for a year. Paid license required.
  • What’s New

  • Boost application efficiency and performance for Intel Xeon and Xeon Phi processors using Intel® AVX-512 instructions.
  • Find high-impact but under-optimized loops using Intel® Advisor’s roofline analysis.
  • Accelerate HPC with high-performance Python.
  • Easily access the latest Intel® Performance Libraries and Intel® Distribution for Python via APT GET*, YUM*, and Conda*.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest standards and IDEs including full C++14, initial C++17 draft, full Fortran 2008, and initial Fortran 2015 draft language support; Initial OpenMP 5.0 draft; Python 2.7 and 3.6; and Microsoft Visual Studio* 2017 integration.
  • Quickly spot high-payoff opportunities for faster code using the combined performance snapshot feature of Intel VTune Amplifier for MPI, CPU, FPU, and memory use.
  • New, broader redistribution rights for Intel Performance Libraries and Intel Distribution for Python. Intel® Parallel Studio XE helps developers take their HPC, enterprise, and cloud applications to the max—with fast, scalable, and portable parallel code.

    Intel® System Studio

    Smart, connected devices are everywhere—and growing more complex every day. Intel® System Studio meets the needs of system and IoT developers, helping them deliver great products on Intel® architecture-based platforms. This comprehensive suite includes advanced tools and technologies to help speed delivery of energy efficient, high-performance, smart, connected devices across wide-ranging system and IoT platforms.

    What it Does

  • Speeds system and IoT application development. Develop fast with tools that provide deep platform insight.
  • Boosts power efficiency and performance. System-wide analyzers, compilers, and libraries provide a smarter way to develop smart code and boost both power efficiency and performance.
  • Strengthens system reliability. Quickly and easily enhance system stability using in-depth, system-wide debuggers and analyzers.
  • What’s New

  • Shorten the development cycle with new libraries and code samples.
  • Innovate with new IoT connection tools including cloud connectors and sensor libraries.
  • Optimize code and system performance by using Intel® AVX-512 instructions in the latest Intel® processors; speed edge analytics processing with a new data analytics library.
  • Reduce system power consumption by analyzing power behavior; identify performance bottlenecks across network, devices, and remote systems.
  • Ease system validation for target devices with a new hardware connection mechanism.
  • Ensure reliable data exchange and flexible storage from edge devices to cloud services with a new cloud connector.
  • Automate tracing easily with new scripting capabilities.
  • Get easy access with a new free 90-day renewable commercial license and configuration options to download only the tools you need.