ZBrush continues our mission of creating innovative and powerful tools for digital artists. ZMapper and Displacement Exporter have been ported for ZBrush to allow more flexibility for exporting your sculpt. Using our Smart Resym technology, ZBrush now includes Poseable Symmetry. Keep symmetry on your model at the click of a button. No matter the pose. Check out what its like to sculpt in the new ZBrush.

  • ZMapper
    Generate normal maps for any game engine or 3D program using ZMapper.
  • Displacement Exporter
    Export 32, 16 and 8 bit displacement maps as well as convert grey scale maps to normal maps using Displacement Exporter.
  • New Brush controls
    Color Mask: Use polypainting on your model as a mask.
    Backface Masking: All polygons with their normals facing away from your brush will be masked off.
  • Refined interface
    The ZBrush interface has been redesigned. Related buttons are grouped into visual categories making it faster for you to work.
  • Poseable symmetry Poseable
    Automatically create symmetry based on topology instead of world space.
  • User-Assigned Hotkeys
    Assign your own hotkeys using a few simple keystrokes.