Diskeeper Products
Increase System Speed, Performance & Reliability

Diskeeper® 12 keeps your PCs and Servers running like new, extending their useful life. Everyone has experienced the pain of a Windows machine becoming progressively slower the longer you use it and the more software you install on it. Diskeeper with its patented, proactive IntelliWrite technology eliminates this experience by preventing files from fragmenting at the Windows level, so you get maximum performance out of every application and system immediately. This proactive technology keeps systems running like new whether you are a large enterprise, small business, government agency or a home user.

Key Benefits of Diskeeper:

  1. Keep Your Servers, Storage & Applications Running Like New
  2. Make Sure Microsoft Applications Work at Top Speed
  3. Increase PC, Workstation and Server Performance
  4. Help Reclaim Free Space for Improved Storage Utilization
  5. Easy to Buy, Install and Use Minimizing Impact on IT Staff
  6. Centrally Manage Using Administrator
  7. Microsoft Certified for the Latest Windows Environment



Home Use Products
Diskeeper automatically keeps your PC running fast, every minute of every day. Using a simple “Set It and Forget It”® approach, Diskeeper invisibly cleans up all of the performance-robbing fragmentation that is slowing down your PC. By proactively preventing file fragmentation, Diskeeper allows your PC to run at peak performance.

Business & Government Products
Diskeeper’s proactive enterprise level technology prevents file fragmentation before it starts. This feature is a “life-saver” for busy System Administrators. Diskeeper allows you to focus on your business not IT by keeping your systems running like new improving business productivity and extending the time between technology refreshes.

V-locity Product
Virtual System Performance Software

V-locity® 3 virtual platform performance software delivers proactive, invisible high performance I/O optimization to virtual machines. Patented technology in V-locity logically assesses between virtual machines to intelligently synchronize resource allocation and make all performance optimization activity completely transparent. V-locity is designed to enormously improve the performance and efficiency of all VMware ESX/ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V™ platforms automatically.
Key Benefits of V-locity:

  1. Allows for Maximum I/O Performance on Virtual Servers
  2. Optimizes Disk Performance for VMware and Hyper-V
  3. Improves VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) Efficiency
  4. Faster VM and Host I/O Throughput
  5. Optimizes VM Resource Usage for Shared Storage
  6. Increases VM Density
  7. Increases Platform Reliability
  8. Reclaims Virtual Disk Space
  9. Zero Resource Contention
  10. Lowers Operating Costs

Business & Government Product
V-locity is an enterprise level solution designed to significantly increase virtual platform I/O performance. Before V-locity there was no effective solution for broad virtual platform performance optimization. V-locity bridges the gap between virtual guests and intelligently manages the resource demands between them, without sacrificing I/O bandwidth.

Undelete Products
Real-time File Protection with Instant Recovery

Undelete 2009 delivers enterprise level Windows file protection and instant recovery designed for your growing business. No more having to comb through old backups when a user accidentally deletes a file. Easily protect and instantly recover data while you improve business productivity and reduce downtime with unmatched technology that recovers files no matter how they were deleted from applications running on Windows platform, including those in a VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V virtual environments.

Key Benefits of Undelete:

  1. Recover Files Instantly Minimizing Impact on IT Staff
  2. Recover Earlier or Saved Over Versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint Files
  3. Easily Meet Recovery Point Objectives for Microsoft Platforms and Applications
  4. Instantly Recover Files in Virtual Environments
  5. Comply with Governance or Regulatory Data Deletion
  6. Easy to Buy, Install and Use While Protecting More Data in Less Time
  7. Centrally Manage Using Undelete Server Management

Home Use Products
Undelete will keep your home PCs and laptops protected so you don’t ever have to worry about losing another file. Undelete will instantly recover deleted photos, videos, movies, music, or any other lost files. It will even recover files deleted from the recycle bin.

Business & Government Products
Undelete provides enterprise level, real–time protection for critical networked file servers and workstations – allowing files to be recovered instantly and "roll-back" of Microsoft Office files to earlier saved–over versions in seconds. It even protects files deleted on Windows network shares.