Absolute System Integrity
Deep Freeze instantly protects and preserves original computer configurations, eliminating routine IT maintenance while allowing complete unrestricted access to a workstation.

Absolute Protection from Unauthorized Executables
Anti-Executable prevents the launch or installation of any type of unlicensed or unwanted executable with a revolutionary whitelist concept. On install, Anti-Executable performs a deep scan of the computer and authorizes all programs on it using our proprietary Quintuple Verification technique.

Comprehensive Lab Control
Faronics Insight is the ultimate classroom technology management system that empowers teachers with the ability to share their screen with students, control student access to applications and websites, and monitor classroom screens to ensure students are on task.

Automated Energy Conservation
Power Save offers a way to effectively manage computer resources during downtime, and can greatly reduce annual energy costs. Administrators can set definitions to determine when a computer is inactive, and establish a corresponding power saving action that will occur during those periods.

Dynamic Preference Control
WINSelect is designed for administrators who need full control over computer system settings. With WINSelect, computers can easily be transformed into kiosk-style workstations by locking down browser functionality, application settings, and operating system capabilities.

Essential Connection Control
Device Filter Mac is a driver-level application that allows IT administrators to designate and manage which devices and removable media are able to connect to individual workstations. These connections include USB, FireWire, CD/DVD, LAN ethernet, wireless ethernet, modem, Bluetooth and IR (infra-red).

Baseline Account Preservation
User Refresh Mac allows administrators to maintain baseline user account configurations regardless of user activity. The Home directory can be refreshed on a specified basis, producing consistent user accounts across an entire enterprise.

See the Whole Picture
Faronics System Profiler is a unique software utility that generates a detailed inventory of a workstation's configuration and properties, assisting IT staff when troubleshooting hardware or software issues.

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