Teamstudio Analyzer
Database documentation and code-quality auditing
1、Tests, debugs, and documents your database design
2、Indexes every property in your design in a separate Notes® database
3、Highlights functional dependencies within the design
4、Verifies compliance with design standards and spotlights problem areas
5、Eliminates the need for time-consuming code reviews
6、Uncovers compatibility issues before upgrade projects

Teamstudio Analyzer is proof that knowledge is power. Because with Analyzer, you’ll know exactly what’s in your database and whether it’s performing as expected. And that improves your ability to maintain the database and ensure that it’s running optimally, that it complies with company design standards, and that it can upgrade easily. You’ll also know that staff assigned to work on the database won’t go batty trying to figure it out. How does Analyzer do it? In short, by exhaustively documenting every corner of your database and then giving you the tools to analyze and act on that information.

Teamstudio Configurator
Automated global search and replace
1、Find and replace virtually any string in designs and documents
2、Avoid wasting (expensive) developer time on menial tasks
3、Eliminate the risk and consequences of manual activities
4、Efficiently locate hard-coded references in old databases
5、Understand the impact of design changes before you make them
Finding and replacing text within a design may rank pretty low on the intellectual challenge meter, but it’s a fact of life for any developer. And since IBM Lotus Domino Designer does not offer a reliable search-and-replace function, Teamstudio Configurator has become an indispensable tool for legions of Notes developers.

Teamstudio Delta
Database comparison and merge tool
1、Pinpoint the differences between databases or templates
2、Find and fix discrepancies between development and production copies
3、Ensure that customizations are retained during upgrades
4、Safely merge branched designs


Teamstudio Profiler
1、Reveals performance issues by timing each line of LotusScript
2、Eliminates the inefficiency of trial-and-error troubleshooting
3、Reduces the risk of application glitches reaching production
4、Helps prevent problem code from being reused in other applications
5、Takes away the need to add your own timing code

When it comes to application performance, timing is everything. Faster is better than slower—but it’s not always easy to detect when an application is hobbled in some way, or when agents aren’t executing as expected. Teamstudio Profiler lets you see at a glance how every line of your LotusScript is performing, so you can effectively pinpoint bottlenecks without the need for manual testing.

Teamstudio Upgrade Filters
Domino Version Compatibility Standards
1、More than 100 unique filters
2、Reports on a variety of Lotus Notes R5 and Notes/Domino 6, 7, and 8.5 compliance issues
3、Working with Teamstudio Analyzer, scans database designs and identifies compatibility issues before the production phase
4、Recommends changes based on new Notes functionality
Teamstudio Upgrade Filters reduce the challenges associated with manually scanning database designs in preparation for version upgrades. This set of over 100 filters reports on a variety of Notes/Domino compliance version issues across your entire database, including changes in LotusScript. These fillters shorten the Notes/Domino upgrade process by automating potential problem discovery, thus ensuring a trouble-free upgrade from one Notes/Domino release to another.