Learning Management Software

With a Unified Learning Suite, you can streamline corporate learning management processes that are proven to deliver direct impact on revenues, customer satisfaction and margins. Saba's learning management solution is the industry's most advanced enterprise learning management system (lms) that changes the game by not just developing your employees but rapidly enabling the global extended-enterprise value chain of channel partners, suppliers, franchisees to help gain your company a distinct competitive advantage. It frees you up from broken workflows of disjointed applications by removing the barriers to learning with seamless, unified learning workflows. Saba's learning management product seamlessly weaves certifications, curriculum management, collaborative learning, social learning, content integration and mobile learning in a single integrated enterprise LMS learning solution to enable rapid learning.

Talent Management Software

The Saba Enterprise Cloud is one of the few enterprise talent management systems that have been organically developed to provide natural, unified workflows between talent and performance management, giving managers and employees access to development plans and activities from any talent process, providing a cohesive solution to enable rapid learning and talent mobility.

Saba Talent Management Software consists of:
Goals and objectives management
Employee Performance reviews
Succession planning
Workforce planning
Compensation management
Unparalleled configurability for greater business agility
Support for multi-country, multi-divisional systems with appropriate security, data privacy, and learning governance support
User and administrator interfaces in over 30 languages

Talent Testing & Talent Assessment Software

In the past, value and success were primarily defined through physical and financial assets. Today the focus is on intellectual capital. A prized commodity, which must be continuously monitored and properly nurtured.

With Saba's Talent Testing & Assessment software, companies gain the means to do just this. At its core is an intuitive web-based testing and assessment solution, which offers unparalleled capabilities in the centralized development, administration, processing and reporting of tests and assessments. Its primary purpose is to improve the quality of an organization's performance appraisal material and processes to secure the retrieval of reliable and meaningful information. An essential prerequisite to being able to gain valuable insights into proficiency and performance, identify areas of improvement and to substantiate decisions on how best to drive personal and organizational effectiveness.

Web Meeting Software - Virtual Learning Environment

Saba’s web meeting and online classroom solutions combine world-class web and video conferencing with innovative business social networking in a unified Cloud platform to drive a real-time virtual learning environment. With superior HD VoIP capabilities and multiple simultaneous video streams optimized for low bandwidth you can hold engaging live web meetings, cost effective powerful webinars and interactive virtual classrooms.