RealNetworks Helix Universal Server


Media streaming is more powerful than ever with the new Helix Universal Server. Built on 15 years of continual feature enhancements, Helix Universal Server supports the latest standards and provides a host of robust features including support for MPEG-DASH and CDN integration. From iPhone to PC and everything in between, Helix Universal Server streams live and on-demand media content with professional-scale reliability, performance and support. And, now, you can truly own your content with digital rights management (DRM), which allows you to protect access to streaming content and encrypt content delivery.

What's New

  1. Support for MPEG-DASH: Helix now supports MPEG-DASH and includes support for adaptive bitrate content with multiple resolutions, bookmarking and segmenting for live and on-demand H.264 video.
  2. DRM: Use digital rights management to protect your content and get encrypted content delivery and access protection.
  3. CDN Integration: Relay live streams from Helix Server to a content delivery network or service provider.
  4. Network DVR: Give your customers control over live streams with pause, seek and play options.


Key Features

    • Multi-Protocol Stream Ingest: Ingest Flash and other RTMP feeds plus RTP, MPEG2-TS and Helix RBS.
    • Intuitive User Interface: Administrative interface is user-friendly and easy to learn.
    • H.264 Stream Archives: Support H.264/AAC codec stream archives to use archived content as part of an on-demand service or playlist.
    • Access Security: Content access and streaming session management APIs for complete control of your content.