Sencha is a company dedicated to helping businesses move to the future of the Web. Their desktop and mobile-tailored application frameworks, development tools and cloud services equip application developers to create amazing application experiences using Web-standard technologies. Sencha’s products leverage the latest HTML5 Capabilities while ensuring backwards compatibility for legacy environments.

Award-winning frameworks
Sencha has developed desktop and mobile frameworks that are well architected, cleanly extensible, and produce pixel-perfect cross-browser applications without the need for plug-ins.
● Ext JS is a JavaScript based framework for desktop web application development that includes rich modern UI widgets out-of-the-box, plug-in free charting, and a familiar MVC structure.
● Ext GWT is a Google Web ToolKit based framework for desktop web application development. Users can write in Java and compile it into highly optimized JavaScript; combined with Ext GWT’s high quality widgets, data loaders and stores, and advanced charting, Java developers can create amazing desktop web applications quickly and easily.
● Sencha Touch is a HTML5 based framework for mobile web application development that supports iOS, Android and Blackberry with native-like quality responsiveness and theming.

In addition, they offer a rich variety of tools to accelerate development.
● Sencha Designer is a visual application builder that allows rapid, iterative development of applications for both desktop and mobile.
● Sencha Animator is a CSS3 animation development tool perfect for creating rich interactive mobile ads, simple games and creative animation shorts.

The Sencha community is one of the most vibrant developer communities in the world. With 1.6 million developers, and a vigorous core community of over 300,000 registered developers, Sencha developers participate actively in the Sencha forums as well as user groups and meetups around the world.