Our presentation suite think-cell serves a single purpose –creating business presentations. It is a complete set of cutting-edge productivity tools, each unrivaled in its scope of application.

think-cell chart

Creating data-driven charts in Microsoft PowerPoint is painstaking and cumbersome. Frequently used graphical elements are not integrated into the charts, automatic placement of labels does not work, and some chart types are simply not available. This results in large amounts of manual work and endless adjustments of graphical elements.

think-cell chart solves this problem. It is a powerful charting software that seamlessly integrates with PowerPoint, brings dozens of helpful unique features and can be individually customized to strengthen your company's corporate design. With a minimum of manual work, you get accurate, well-laid-out and great-looking charts. Furthermore, with think-cell chart even occasional users can create and change charts 3-5 times faster than any PowerPoint expert.

think-cell round
When data is compiled for a report or PowerPoint presentation rounding summations in Excel is a frequent problem. It is often desirable but difficult to achieve that rounded totals match the total of the rounded addends. If you are not yet aware of this problem yet, please have a look at the following examples.

Browse through the following video gallery to see how think-cell round solves the problem of correct Excel data rounding in an automated and easy-to-use way.

think-cell layout
Did you ever ask yourself why laying out presentation slides is so time-consuming? One main problem is that you have to carefully adjust the position of every element with the mouse, resize boxes or arrows to make text fit inside or next to them or adjust table column widths by hand. When you make a change to your slide, for example removing or adding an element or editing the text, you often need to readjust the whole layout to make everything fit again.

think-cell layout will solve this problem with its revolutionary smart-grid user interface. It will provide you with a library of presentation elements exactly matching the professional's presentation needs. You simply drag these smart-elements onto the slide and snap them into an adaptive grid. All elements adjust their size and position automatically according to their content, yet they maintain the layout you defined.

Our objective with think-cell layout is to allow you to create a slide as quickly as sketching it on paper. This is a very ambitious task. Therefore, the smart-grid user interface of think-cell layout is still under development. Nevertheless, you can already use our powerful agenda component and further presentation tools as part of the think-cell presentation suite.