Qast Singapore Pte Ltd is one of the largest software distribution companies in Singapore. Our goals are to continuously bring the global software and technologies to the growing South-East Asia market. Qast Singapore is a privately-held company founded in 2007 in Singapore. Our business model has achieved great success. Today, There are thousands of customers from various industries in our database, including Fortune 1000 companies, government agencies, research & development centers, educational institutions, etc. We have also established strong reseller channels: there are currently over 100 resellers under our sales network. Qast provides services including sales, marketing, technical supports, IT consulting, software localizations, OEM, training, etc. We work with our business partners throughout the world. We proudly represent hundreds of international technology companies to distribute the software products and technologies throughout South-East Asia. The varieties of software and technology products we carry are anywhere from popular mainstreams to unique cutting-edges.


Qast listens to customers' business concerns and needs.


Qast helps customers reach the most effective way to obtain technology.


Qast delivers the most efficient business solutions to our customers.